Clay County Poverty Task Force

The Poverty Problem

Since the 2010 census, many in our community have become aware of the stark difference between Vermillion and its neighboring communities when it comes to measures like poverty rate, median income, food insecurity, and children qualified for free and reduced school lunch.

Poverty impacts our community, not only in the effect it has on the families experiencing it, but also in the strain it puts on social services and the tax base required to run our city and county. United Way has made addressing both the effects and causes of poverty our number one priority.

We created the Clay County Poverty Task Force to bring together stakeholders from around the community to address this pressing social issue. One of the major themes that came from the initial discussions was the need for better communication between agencies and more efficient ways to disseminate information about resources to the people who need them. Several new, innovative partnerships and programs resulted, including two major United Way initiatives: bringing 211 to Clay County and the Community Connection Center. In the years to come, we hope to continue to collaborate and come up with new solutions to transform lives.

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