About Us

The United Way of Vermillion was founded in 1956 by local citizens who wanted to work together to build a better community. As we look towards the future, we envision a community that is stronger, more coordinated in its network of resources, and ultimately more self-sufficient.

To be a leader in the Vermillion area through coordination and support of accessible services that make best use of our community’s assets and resources, and impact our identified, targeted areas of need. We will ensure basic needs (food, shelter, transportation, and clothing) are met, laying the foundation for:
• empowered individuals and families working towards self-sufficiency,
• enhanced childhood experiences for all children in the community,
• improved livelihood, and
• lasting, positive community change.


  • We foster coordinated community impact through relationships with agencies, businesses, and individuals of shared vision.
  • We directly support a network that serves individuals and families in our community through all ages and stages of their life.
  • We are a trusted fiscal agent that responsibly stewards the dollars entrusted to us for the benefit of the Vermillion community.
  • We present a unified voice in the Vermillion community and advocate for the betterment of our residents.
  • We create pathways for children that provide educational, enriching, and memorable activities, ensuring that all children have a quality childhood experience in our community.
  • We ensure that our next generation will thrive, and will set them up for success.

In working to create a community that strives for equity on all levels, the United Way of Vermillion recognizes that inequities based upon systemic racism, oppression of marginalized groups, and discrimination based upon religion, nationality, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, economic status, marital status, veteran status, and other intersectional identities contribute to disparities within communities across the world. We understand that our community is not exempt from this fact. We acknowledge that we can only be successful if we recognize, raise up and support leaders from underrepresented populations and commit to intentionally creating pathways for them to be included in decision-making and leadership roles within our own and other organizations. The United Way of Vermillion unequivocally denounces all forms of discrimination, racism, and oppression, because it undermines the well-being and vitality of our communities.

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