The Evan Project

The Evan Project provides diapers and wipes to Vermillion families experiencing diaper need. 

Vermillion has a high poverty rate, and many of its children live near the poverty line. Surprisingly, diaper assistance is simply not available through WIC or SNAP. A lack of diapers can create many problems. Parents who work cannot take their children to daycare without supplying sufficient diapers; if they don’t have diapers, they cannot work. Some parents might delay changing their child’s diaper in order to save money; but if diapers are not changed regularly, health problems such as infections, skin rashes, and other problems will occur. Addressing diaper need in our community relieves families of the stresses of obtaining a sufficient diaper supply, removes barriers to work, and reduces related medical costs. Surely all babies deserve to be clean, healthy, and dry!

Ellie Pyles founded the Evan Project in 2016 to honor the spirit of generosity of her late brother, Evan, who once bought a large quantity of diapers for a young mother in need. Since its founding, the Evan Project has served over 200 different babies and distributed over 70,000 diapers.  

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